Saturday, April 26, 2008

There was no marker for his grave

Sounds a bit depressing doesn't it? No marker for a burial site. Who am I talking about? The larger than life figure, John Henry. Do you remember the story of the folk hero that was pitted against a machine to dig tunnels out of mountains? That was John Henry. Some say he was a compilation of many men that worked in the mid-nineteenth century to lay railroad tracks and dig tunnels in the Blue Ridge mountains. One day, the men in charge brought in a machine that could dig tunnels faster than any man. John Henry took this as a challenge. He worked fervently without rest and proved to the railroad owners he could do the job better than any machine.

Many people have lost sight that people have a great deal to contribute. Machines can only do what people program them to do. Machines can't adapt to problems as well as a human being can. Sure, we can make robots that can lead orchestra's. What happens when the lead violinists' chair breaks? How would the robot react?

I am not against technology. I use a cell phone, computer, television and more items with circuit boards and semiconductors every day. Computers are a great boon. I am using one right now to reach many people. I can also write a letter and reach people. It costs more, but I can personalize each message.

The human touch is so vital.

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