Monday, January 12, 2009

Hormel Pepperoni Deal at Meijer 1/11/09-1/17/09

Detroit area Meijer stores have Hormel pepperoni on sale this week for $1. These are the 2 inch, maybe larger, circular slices of pepperoni found in the DELI area, clear packages without any cardboard surround. Before Christmas, there were coupons for 75 cents off ANY Hormel pepperoni. After coupons, the pepperoni is 25 cents. Original price was $4.99. Big difference in price.

And, here's another deal. Detroit area Meijer stores reduced the price of Kellogg's Special K Waffles to 69 cents. There is a coupon for 75 cents off Kellogg's Special K Waffles. Can you say FREE??!! There are no signs for the waffle clearance. To find out if your store reduced the waffles, use the in-store price scanner.


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