Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are You Tending Your Nest?

Each year, bird's decide to make nests in the maple tree in my backyard. Word must have gotten out in the aviary community that this was a good place to raise babies because this year there are three, count 'em, three nests so far.

I found two robin's nests in the maple and another robin's nest in the clematis. And they seem to have gone up overnight - which indicates I have a lot of nesting material in my yard, plenty of food and relative quiet. Eat your heart out EXTREME HOME MAKE-OVER.

What drew the bird's to my neighborhood is the same thing that draws families to make a home purchase; quiet neighborhood, good selection of homes, close to stores. Even though there are squirrels and cats galore, the bird's felt the location was relatively safe. If you get enough birds together, they will act as one mighty force chasing cats and squirrels out of the yard.

Cats are squirrels aren't the bird's only worries. There are predator birds to contend with. These opportunists take over a nest or eat the eggs. In nature, predators will always exist. It's the robin's job to safeguard their babies and keep a vigil over this ongoing threat, just as it's a parent's job to watch and teach their young.

While the bird's have been busy building, I have painted a few rooms, installed some molding and completed some big time grout cleaning on tile. It must finally be spring. What projects are you working on? Taxes? Home improvement? Self-improvement? Financial make-overs? Let me know.

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