Friday, July 31, 2009

Vinegar Acidity - There is a Difference

My sister mentioned that she only uses name brand vinegar. The reason was it has a higher acidity level. Sure enough, I checked my store brand vinegar and it was listed at 4% acidity. I had a bottle of Heinz vinegar and it had a 5% acidity level. Who knew. I thought vinegar was vinegar.

The 1% can make a difference in recipes you prepare. If a chef used 5% vinegar instead of 4%, the final product would taste different; tangy, zesty. And don't even get me started on barbecue sauce. The variation of a half percent could send cooks in a tail spin for the mopping concoctions.

I don't have stock in any vinegar manufacturers and have not accepted any compensation of any kind for this post. Just thought it was an interesting topic and it's making me look twice at my generic brands and their effectiveness.

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