Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Review: One Dog and His Boy

Knowing how much I love dogs, someone recommended the book, "One Dog and His Boy" by Eva Ibbotson to me. Even though it is meant for young adults, this book will tug at your heart. It was a tear jerker - at least from chapter 5 onward.

The story centers around a ten year old boy from a wealthy family. The one thing he is denied is a dog. His mother thinks a dog is too messy and his father barely has time to see his wife and child because he is jetting around the world for his job. The story begins to get interesting when the father decides to rent a dog for the weekend as a birthday present for his son. Little does the boy know the dog is on loan and is heart broken when he learns his forever pet can't stay with him.

A fast read with a good plot, I highly recommend this book for animal lovers

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