Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Help Michigan's Economy

I have gotten several e-mail's recently about how to help Michigan during these economically challenging times. The crux of the message is that Meijer and Kroger are Michigan stores that buy Michigan produce. That's true. The e-mail encourages readers to spend $10 a week on Michigan grown fruits and vegetables and urges the reader to shop at Meijer and Kroger for their produce needs.

This is where I differ with the sender about what will help Michigan's residents. The best way to help Michigan's farmers is to buy produce from the farmer directly. This reduces your carbon footprint. You won't spend as much in fossil fuel to purchase your food. You help the local economy. You eat what's in season. You get to ask questions to the person that probably picked the food from their fields and drove it into town for sale like , "what's the best way to prepare this cabbage."

What a concept. Talking to the person that grew what you will eat.

This is not to say you shouldn't frequent Michigan based companies like Meijer. (Kroger is not based in Michigan) or those with stores in the great state with two peninsula's. If you have a choice, choose fresh. Choose products picked that morning.

Want to find out if there is a Farmer's Market near you? Click here for a listing of markets based on where you live in the State of Michigan.

Cut out the middleman and buy direct.

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