Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Week Was About Chillin Out

Been pretty busy lately both personally and professionally. Time to chill this weekend. I started an earring project which you'll see later this week.

Summer is winding to a close. My garden is beginning to fade. The last of the tomatoes are ripening. I planted the traditional "Early Girl" and "Big Boy" varieties. I also planted two heirloom selections. One is called "Paul Robeson". It's a very dark red tomato that is almost purple/black in color. Juicy, but not gushy with a reasonable amount of seeds. That means that there some, but not enough to make you gag. Very pleased with this plant and saved some seeds for next year's garden. I've included the plant along with the other tomatoes. See if you can spot the heirloom version based upon my description. The other heirloom tomato plant was unremarkable. So much so that I would have to go out to the garden to check the name of the plant. Not memorable in the least.

Anyone who has ever spent a summer in the Great Lakes state in August or early September has heard the call of the cicadas. Not so much a call as a buzzing noise. The frequency seems to increase in direct proportion to the heat index. As the days and nights turn into a steamy swelter, the cicadas song fills the air. I don't know the sub-species or proper name for those that reside in Michigan, but I can show you a picture. Actually, it's a photo of a couple cicada shells the insects shed. I spotted several of the insect skins on a willow tree. They were stuck onto the tree from the base of the trunk into the branches. I found out they live in the tree and lay their eggs at the base of the tree. The young (pupa?) feed on the tree roots and eventually work their way into the tree branches. Wish I would have been able to get more photos but it was starting to rain and the camera isn't waterproof.

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Anonymous said...

Hey kay, I thought the tomatoes were beads...and the one you identified was going bad. C