Friday, March 6, 2009

The Scum Also Rises

I've been cooking a lot of chicken lately. When you boil chicken, the fat and connective tissue separate from the meat. The result is scum and fat rising to the top of the pan. And it's mostly scum that rises quickly, the fat appears later - much as in life.

What am I referring to? Consider Bernie Madoff. Scum or fat? I vote for the former. When the heat came on, there was no meat just scum that remained...and some fat. People are being bilked left and right in this economy. They were being swindled before, but they were able to recoup most of their losses prior to this recession. (Yes, we are in a recession and have been for at least two years). There's less meat for each citizen figuratively and literally.

How do we get more meat? How do we survive? Cut out the fat. Cut out the scum.

There's also something else that rises and that's cream. It has a high fat content, but no scum. It rises when the fresh, whole milk is very, very cold.

Embrace fresh thinking. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, out of the warmth of what you know and go into the cold unknown. It's only by learning something new, trying something bold that cream will rise in these tough economic times.

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