Friday, August 28, 2009

Growing Allium From Seed

This will be a test of my green thumb. I am trying to grow allium from seed. Allium is the beautiful single stalk plant with the large circular shaped purple flowers. It grows to about 2 feet and is a member of the onion family.

Allium is usually started from bulb division. I am attempting to grow it from seed. The photo shows the faded flower petals with the seed pods.

The process is very slow. First, you dry the seeds. Temperatures cannot be above 94 degrees. The seeds then must endure a cooling period. For me, that means putting them in the freezer for a few months. After 6 weeks in the freezer, the seeds are planted. It may take up to two years for a flower to appear.

It's worth it. The flowers are lovely, although a bit stinky, and difficult to obtain at perennial exchanges.

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Stacy said...

You grow girl!