Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Centerpiece

I am all about reusing materials and going natural whenever possible. This centerpiece is a great example of combining both beliefs.

The local MSU extension office was having a holiday lunch yesterday. Several participants were able to select from conifer trimmings and various other trimmed plant material to make swags and centerpieces for the party. They decorated their creations with bows and findings then voted for the best/favorite of the bunch.

I was at the office when they were clearing the room of the evergreen boughs and got a few juniper, pine and dogwood branches. All you have to do is tie the greenery with wire and add decorations and voila - instant centerpiece. How affordable and eco-friendly. MSU Extension is filled with lots of ideas like this plus tips on feeding your family healthy foods on a budget. They truly are a valuable resource for Michigan residents.

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