Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puppy Loves Yarn

My puppy is use to me knitting or crocheting. She never pays me any mind when I begin working with needlecraft. That is until yesterday.

I was given a couple skeins of acrylic yarn and began crocheting a project. Puppy decided to attack the yarn. She jumped onto the couch and gave it a sniff then grabbed the bundle and ran. She left a trail with the single strand of yarn looping into each room. The dog has never done this before. I had to pry the fibers from her mouth. Was she trying to floss her teeth? Unfettered, she mounted another onslaught to get the yarn. She was almost cat-like in her determination to capture the skein.

My only reason for her behavior is that her toys are made from acrylic material and she thought it was a toy. I usually knit or crochet with natural fibers like cotton or wool and this is the first time, and probably last, that I used an artificial fiber.

When she goes after the yarn, it is the funniest thing. I'll try to get the yarn pounce on video.

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