Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paraben in Tortillas

How do you feel about eating wax? Not the kind from a honey bee, but the petroleum-based substance. Wax does not rank high on my list of foods that I want to eat. Imagine my surprise when I found two wax preservatives in the list of my tortillas ingredients; methyl paraben and propyl paraben.

I began eating corn tortillas thinking they were healthier than the pasta I was eating. More fiber, more natural substances. I was wrong. So I changed my buying habits. I bought masa and started making my own tortillas. Masa is finely ground corn with a trace of lime. Don't confuse masa with cornmeal - they have completely different textures.

I found that since I began making tortillas from scratch, I eat fewer and enjoy them more. Now if I could only find a tortilla recipe that is baked instead of fried my life would be even healthier.

What's my cautionary tale? Always check the ingredients, even on foods you are comfortable and familiar with. I have sensitivity to malted barley and just found that product in a brand-name, all-purpose flour. What's next? Will I have to check the ingredient list in oatmeal?

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