Monday, January 10, 2011

Debt Free Blog

I recently discovered Gail Vaz-Oxlade's blog while watching CBC's "Steven and Chris" show. Gail has written several books on finances and living debt-free. She has her own show and has also written for several large newspapers including the Globe and Mail.

Many of her ideas on spending have really enlightened me - transforming how I spend my money including her theory of spending money on an expensive meal. Vaz-Oxlade pointed out that after you have dropped $200 on an extravagant dinner, you return home and literally "poop" out your money. You have fortified yourself with food, delicious food at that, but a wonderful soup and glass of wine for under $20 could have satisfied you and provided enjoyment as well. In the process, you would have saved well over a $100 dollars.

Today's article on her blog focused on want. Want is not just a desire of the young, but can occur at any age. Here's her article.

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