Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Site for Excess Fruit and Nuts

I was watching the RACHAEL RAY television show today and a guest spoke of a web site called, neighborhoodfruit.com where people can locate extra fruit and nuts from their neighbors backyards.

On the surface it sounds as if people would be wandering onto someone's property, but I was intrigued and explored the web site. Homeowner's with excess fruit on their trees can list their property on the site and the type of fruit or nut available. Public areas including parks are also listed.

Now, the fruit may have been exposed to chemicals or something else - there could be reasons why the fruit is going to waste. But then again, it could be that the owner just doesn't have the time or ability to harvest the fruit.

I have personally seen people at the city offices picking wild grape leaves. I can only guess that they are using the leaves for a middle eastern dish.

So why I am telling you this information? Metro Detroit has a lot of fruit production and a lot of hungry people. Perhaps we could make this site available for others to access or create a site specific to the metro area. (Maybe I just volunteered for this activity)

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