Monday, January 4, 2016

Applying Black Shoe Polish to Cloth Shoes

I have a pair of shoes that are in good shape, but I don't like the multi-color fabric anymore. What I really want is a pair of black mules. Before I donated these shoes, I decided to try and change their color using black shoe polish. I could have dyed the shoes. If I had dyed them with a liquid and the shoes got wet, like in a rainstorm, would my feet turn black?
Since I had the wax version of the shoe polish, that's what I decided to use on the shoes.
I used a damp paper towel and applied the wax polish to the shoes.
It took a couple of coats to cover the fabric base colors.

Overall, I got the effect I wanted - black mules. The wax polish doesn't come off. And I didn't spend a dime. Renew, reuse, recycle!

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