Saturday, January 2, 2016

Magazine Box

My Mom wanted a magazine box from a large big box store. I took a look at the container and told my Mom I could recreate it. Here's my version of the box made from sisal, fabric and a bow.

I made a box out of corrugated cardboard that fit the largest magazine my Mom had. Next, I used hot glue to attach rope around the bottom half of the box.

Here's where it gets interesting. I took a drop cloth and measured and marked squares around the box to form fabric that lines the inside portion of the box and drapes over the sides enough so the unfinished portion of the box remains hidden no matter how many magazines place pressure on the fabric lining.

After cutting and washing the fabric, I pressed and starched the drop cloth.

Now it was time to sew seams along the edges.
Once the edges were sewn, I placed the fabric inside the box. I used upholstery tacks to attach the cloth to the box and finished the look with an organza bow. Voila!

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