Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where do I get my Antique Beads?

Someone asked where I get my antique beads. They come from several sources. I scour antique shops for loose beads. I also go to estate sales and buy jewelry that looks very dated and rework the design. Voila! It's fabulous and chic all over again.

I got hooked on estate sales and used stores when I wanted to purchase a bicycle. The versions I liked were more expensive and out of my price range. The bikes were $300-$500. Yikes! friends pointed me toward a store in Lansing, Michigan called, "Dicker and Deal". Apparently they have several locations in the area. Each shop specializes in different products. One shop is known for sporting goods, another for leather jackets and still another for furniture. I guess it's all what the market demands. I ended up with a terrific bike for under a c-note.

The best part about buying items with a history is you are recycling :)

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