Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The classic is gone

My car finally decided to take it's last gasp of breath. Today marks the end for the 20 year old automobile. It was a four cylinder and had 230,000 miles on it before it blew the head gasket. Antifreeze was in the crankshaft. Oil and antifreeze don't mix.

It would have taken mucho dinero to fix the classic. Instead of repairing it, I chose to recycle it. Maybe it'll become a new Chevrolet or tuna fish can.

So, I'm on the lookout for new wheels. Let me know of any leads for transportation. Anything with 22 MPG or more in the city would be great. Of course, 50 MPG is preferred. But, I am being realistic.

I have also entered several contests for new vehicles. Soon I could be driving a Smartcar or a VW Beetle, or a Prius.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Oh no!! I can't believe the Classic bit the dust!!

There is a Smart Car dealership near my work. I would be so up for owning one if everyone else in this blasted state didn't drive around in Suburbans and F-150's!!! I fear that I'd be run over.