Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Non-toxic Drain Cleaner Review

Sinks that won't drain. We've all experienced this phenomenon. Water just sitting in the sink. I have been tempted to use harsh chemicals to get rid of the clog. I've even learned how to take apart the bits of plumbing beneath the sink to clear the pipes. I found a terrific tool. It's called "Zip-it" and it's distributed by Cobra in New Jersey.

What's different about this tool is you don't have to unfasten any pipes. You push the tool down the sink hole or tub drain and remove the tool. Do this a couple of times and you remove the cause of the clog. (Sometimes disgusting). Zip-it is non-toxic, fast, less messy than draining water from the pipe underneath the sink, and affordable - I purchased mine for under three dollars.

I don't work for this company. I am not getting any compensation what so ever. I do believe in the product and have given it as a gift to several people. I've included a link to the site.Click here to go to the ZIP-IT website.

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Anonymous said...

ok, as your sister, you have not given me one of these. I am going to get one and try it. the little bathroom off the kitchen has the slowest drain. Hope it works!