Saturday, May 3, 2008

Summer Bean Salad

I had a request to place my Bean Salad recipe on this site. This is a spicy concoction that's packed with protein. Great for the summer since it's made with vinegar and oil.

1 can garbanzo beans (chick peas)
1 can kidney beans (light or dark)
1 can black beans
marinated artichokes
mild or hot pepper rings
garlic powder
dill weed
hot pepper flakes (optional)
White vinegar (optional)
Cannola or extra light olive oil (optional)

Open the cans of beans. After draining the liquid from the cans, rinse the beans and place in large bowl. Slice artichokes and pepper rings into bite-size pieces and place in bowl. (I like lots of artichokes and peppers) Since I don't measure I am guessing that I put in about a cup of artichokes and a half cup of peppers. Sprinkle a half teaspoon of garlic powder over the mixture. Add about a tablespoon of dill weed. Stir together. (Add hot pepper flakes for a spicier version).

refrigerate for a half hour. Taste the mixture. Add some oil for a richer flavor or vinegar if you prefer food with a bite.

There's no science to this recipe and you can't mess it up. Enjoy!!

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