Sunday, August 7, 2011


Because puppy was a stray there were things about her that you don't find with most dogs. One of her fears was brooms.

I began sweeping the floor one day and dog ran and hid in the other room. I said, "Zoe, it's just a broom. Come her girl." Ears went back and she came toward me. I had to convince her that this thing with multiple whiskers on a stick was not some evil incarnate. After I cajoled her into the kitchen, she stood at a distance watching, ready to make her escape into the living room.

Then it happened. I began sweeping bits of kibble into a pile. Ooohhh, Zoe loved kibble. Zoe loved food of any kind. Puppy took a few cautious steps toward the dirt in the middle of the floor. Then in a fit a daring she nosed herself into the pile and ate some dry dog food. Dog was hooked.

Zoe stepped into the sweepings spreading them away from the broom. She feared the broom no longer. She had conquered broom.

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