Monday, August 1, 2011


Another one of the words puppy knew was, "Police."

Before I explain how I found out her reaction to the word, I should tell you how Zoe rode in my car. She didn't just sit in the back seat or hang her head out an open window, dog had to have her body halfway in the front seat as I drove. It was almost as if she was navigating where we were going. I drove an older car, a Dodge shadow, and the space between the driver's seat and the door was ample. At least ample enough for a 35 pound Basenji to wedge her body as close to me as possible.

Puppy had enough room to place her head down on the arm rest if needed. And this is where I found out another word in her vocabulary.

Driving down the road with Zoe navigating, I spied a cop car. Nervous about having a dog riding shotgun by my shoulder I said, "Police!" Boom! In an instant puppy's body sank to the arm rest and her body was below window level - out of sight, yet close at hand. The patrol car rolled by us. "Ok, all clear," I said. As quickly as she dove down, she sprung up just as fast, ready to tell me where to drive.

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