Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zoe and Running

Running was a large part of Zoe's life. She would run outside after squirrels and rabbits. She would chase Harley's. If we went for a walk, she would run for the majority of it.

If dog could have, she would have run a marathon - and won.

Part of the reason she came into my life was because she was a runner. More than that, puppy was an escape artist. Aside from breaking out of cages, she could also bolt from a house like a streak of lightening. Bamm. Dog was out the door and down the street and out of sight. In an instant she would duck into someone's back yard to investigate new smells like a neighbor barbequing chicken.

Puppy made friends easily and could run circles around a greyhound. Once when she darted out the door, my entire family took off after her through the neighborhood. There was no catching her. She would only come back when she was good and ready. Or if you had ham. She did love ham.

Often on our walks people would ask if I was walking Zoe or if she was walking me.

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