Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dancing and Marching

I've discussed things Zoe loved. There were few things she wasn't so crazy about other than squirrels and cats.

One of those was marching. Any kind of marching. Marching in place, a marching band, not even sure she liked the month of March. Anytime someone lifted a knee and set it down more than twice, puppy would come running. Barking up a storm, she demanded you stop this foolishness instantly. Dog saw no reason to raise your knee multiple times in a row. Perhaps she had an orthopedic background.

A close second to marching was dancing. If marching brought about mad barks then dancing was a hundred times worse. You would think someone was being attacked the way she reacted. Zoe would place herself between you and whatever was causing this strange movement and begin jumping, placing her front paws on your pelvis in one sweeping motion to knock you to the ground and end this commotion. Boom! Take that was her response. Boom! Puppy would strike again this time running at a furious pace. She didn't aim to hurt you, just stop the dancing. No dancing with the stars for that dog.

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