Thursday, August 4, 2011

Speaking Her Mind

Vocalization was never a problem for puppy. Even though she was part Basenji and quiet most of the time, she would have moments that seemed like she was talking. Not barking Christmas songs, more like making conversation.

Dog would come up to me while I was reading a newspaper and bump the back of the paper. The two pages spread from one hand to my other hand covering my face. Zoe would bump the paper with her nose as if to say, "pay attention to me." Then she would look out the window and turn back towards me. Puppy would then begin her banter, "mh, ugh, mugh, mugh, ugh, ugh, UUUGHH." No reaction from me meant the vocalization would continue. "UUUGHHmh, ugh, mugh, mugh, ugh, ugh, UUUGHHHHH!"

I never knew what the UUUGGGH was but Zoe was adamant about stating her point of view. Usually I let the dog outside or played with her or took her for a walk when this conversation ensued. It seemed to satisfy her need for constant activity. And she got to chase squirrel.

Zoe also made a variety of noises to express happiness, anger, hunger, boredom, love or like, disappointment and excitement. All manner of squeaks, yodels, barks, yipes and burrrs to express herself and tell you what she thought.

And I have nothing else to add for the moment. I am done or in Zoe speak - Hrrrumf, sigh.

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