Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Puppy and Car Rides

Puppy was not good when it came to riding in a car or any vehicle for that matter. When I brought her home initially, she tossed her cookies. It was less than 10 miles from my house.

Since I drove almost everywhere and dog wanted to be with me, I had some training to do. I started out small. First, I put Zoe in the car when I was scrapinged the frost off the windows. She would jump around the interior and kept a watchful eye over me at all times from her warm vantage point.

Once puppy mastered being in the vehicle, I took Zoe with me to get a newspaper - a short jaunt of half a mile to the store. It was dicey at first, but dog held onto her breakfast and we made it home.

After Zoe graduated the short trip, we ventured into a five mile ride to the park. Park was fun and a welcome reward for tossing about in the car. And she got to see Harleys - her favorite! Arf, arf, arf.

The five mile trip gradually turned into a half hour ride, then an hour's ride with a break mid-way.

Then it finally happened. Dog and I went on a six hour road trip. She would jump from the back seat into the front checking the scenery and changing the radio station. Back into the rear seat she would go for a nap. Up again when she hear a motorcycle. And so it continued.

Seat belts were useless for dog. I bought one once she was acclimated to riding in cars and she got her nail caught in the strap on I-75. Zoe screamed from the backseat as I drove 75 miles an hour. Nothing says, "pull over now and check on your dog," like an animal in pain. The seatbelt went back to the store and puppy became a happier passenger.

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