Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bite My Arm

My former job required long hours at a computer. Colleagues would complain of mouse arm - a condition we referred to when your elbow and hand began to stiffen and pain radiated from your hand to your shoulder because you held the computer mouse too tight. It happened to me a few times. A long, hot bath and aspirin would ease the pain and make you good as new again.

One day, I arrived home from work with mouse arm and puppy greeted me at the door as normal. Dogs are great greeters, always happy to see you even if you just went to the mailbox and back to the house. The reaction was the same, "Your back, I'm so happy your back. I thought you'd never get here. What did you bring? Is it for me? I don't care, I'm just so thrilled you returned. Let's play ball." At least that's the thought process I imagine went through Zoe's mind when I crossed the threshold. She bounced around came up to my hand and licked it then dog bit me. My dog clamped down on my wrist hard. "Zoe!" I cried out. Maybe it was more like a shriek. Puppy licked my hand and wrist as if to say she was sorry then she bit me again. She didn't draw blood but left indentations of her teeth in my skin. I yelled at her. Zoe proceeded to lick my wrist.

It was then I noticed that I didn't have mouse arm any more. The pain left after she applied pressure to my arm.

I have heard that dogs can smell certain diseases and know when seizures will occur. I never had a dog perform acupressure before.

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