Saturday, July 30, 2011

Running Water

Zoe preferred drinking running water. Stagnant water in a bowl didn't interest her much. Given a choice puppy would drink from the bath faucet or a gurgling creek. She was a camel without a hump. A lick or two from her bowl was all she needed to survive.

When she went to my parents house, Zoe would drink a large bowl of water. So great was dog's water consumption that my Mom wold quiz me as to the last time I filled Zoe's water bowl. "I fill her bowl daily and wash it every other day," was my response. Mom couldn't believe me. See saw a dog so thirsty that the water bowl was constantly empty. What was the difference between the water in my town and my parents? Both houses got their water from the City of Detroit water system out of Lake Huron - or so I thought.

I found out that the town I lived in relied on a water tower for its water when Detroit's supply lines pressure was reduced. Low water pressure meant I was drinking from a community well.

Somehow Zoe could tell the difference in water. Maybe it had an iron taste or less chlorine. There were times she flat out refused to drink the water, while I did.

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