Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soap and Puppy

Puppy loved soap. The first indication of her love for the stuff was when I brought her home and she licked my arms. Kind of unusual.

When people came to the house she would lick their hands and sometimes their knees if they wore shorts. Kind of unusual.

Men who worked on cars would get a thorough hand cleaning. She would lick their palm, flip their hand over to lick the other side and then flip the hand over again. Kind of unusual.

What I found different was when the dog came to visit me while I was taking a bath. She would drink my bath water. My soapy bath water. This encouraged me to finish my bath quickly since there's no quicker way for loose bowels than drinking warm, soapy water. It's an enema waiting to happen. Very unusual.

I think that's part of the reason she loved soap bubbles and demanded more and more of them - they were an, "air bubble bath".

Zoe also loved watching the "Lawrence Welk Show." The beginning of each show started with a bubble machine. Something about bubbles that she found fascinating. Yet, she hated champagne and getting a bath or her feet wet.

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