Friday, July 15, 2011

Puppy and Rain

Another unusual habit puppy had was staying out in the rain. She refused to come in during a storm when I first got her.

Zoe would lie beneath a bush or against the house as I tried to encourage her to come inside. "Come on puppy, come inside," I would say. The dog didn't move. I would stand in front of her waving my arms and motioning for her to go into the warm house. "Go on, go inside." The dog looked away. Did she not want to be warm? Did she prefer the cold, damp air? I certainly preferred being warm and dry.

This scene would go on for almost 30 minutes. It would involve me bribing the dog with food - which didn't faze her. I would cajole her - no response. Throw a ball or squeaky toy to her - she would roll her eyes. Finally, I ended up going outside with a leash and bringing her in that way.

I am certain my neighbors got a kick out of watching our antics in the rain. Maybe she was waiting for a squirrel to pass through and couldn't leave until it did. Maybe she loved falling asleep to the sound of rain on the ground. Maybe she was waiting for her former owner. I will never know.

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