Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zoe's Nicknames

What possesses us to create new forms of endearment for our pets? I had so many cutesie names for Zoe that it's a wonder she ever came when I called her. And yet, she knew all the names and responded accordingly.

Because she had the tiniest white feet I called her, "little rabbit feet." And she would proudly place one paw over the other like a lady crossing her legs.

The shepherd part of her breeding meant she had a thick under coat and more fur by her tail which led to , "fuzzy butt."

Then there were puppy's large bat-like ears. She was akin to a chihuahua on steriods which garnered the name, "Pookala." No rhyme or reason to how that name stuck.

My sister christened her , "Zoester the toaster," for her skills at popping up to catch a ball from a sitting position.

The all-time classic name was "Mrs. Houdini ," for my dog's ability to free herself from any situation from cages to blankets tossed over her head in record time. I miss you pookie.

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