Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puppy and Toothpaste

Vets tell pet owners that they should brush their dog or cat's teeth to maintain their health. Who amongst us does that everyday or even a couple times a week consistently? Not me.

I mean, I tried to brush the dog's teeth and it turned into a licking match with puppy licking all the chicken flavored paste off the rubber tine finger brush. I felt compelled to try again and again to no avail. Zoe would not stand for it.

So I succumbed and bought her petrified bones and pig ears that cleaned her incisors as she chewed. They worked pretty well until she coughed up a gob of white goo that was once a rawhide. Yuck.

One day, while brushing my pearly whites, puppy came up to me, staring at me with those big, brown eyes. Drool started coming down her tongue. She began to whimper. I decided to give her a smear of toothpaste, Colgate I think.

Dog was ecstatic. She begged for more. I gave her another taste and off she went as if she had brushed her teeth. Zoe continued that ritual until she passed away. Adored mint of any kind and wanted a taste each day so toothpaste with its salt and mint was a morning treat.

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