Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Judging Contractors

Most people believe they are an excellent judge of character. They know when someone is lying to them and when the truth is spouted. Truth is most people are wrong. Those that want to deceive are very good at hiding information and twisting words.

I was one of those people that thought I could pick an honest contractor. Loaded with information and testimonials I would choose someone to repair items in my home. What I should have done was listen to my dog.

Zoe instinctively knew who to trust. When she wouldn't pay attention to a man I was interviewing to install a garage door and who claimed to love dogs - they all claim to love dogs - I should have gone with my gut and not hired him. But, hire him I did and he did a rotten job. So poor of an installation I called the door manufacturer and found out he was not a registered dealer for their product. The manufacturer agreed to pay for a new garage door and its installation. Puppy loved the new crew and they did a phenomenal job with the door.

A fluke you say. Hardly. Zoe proved her prowess with gutter installer and roofer. Loved the roofer and ignored gutter guy. Never mind that gutter guy was tall and handsome and rode up on his Harley motorcycle. Zoe wouldn't play ball with this man. Can you guess the outcome? Gutter guy had to come back three times to fix his mistakes and roofer did the job right the first time.

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