Thursday, July 21, 2011

Liquor, Cigarettes and Squirrel

Puppy loved the smell of liquor and cigarette smoke. Come home from a bar and the dog would take one whiff and be in heaven. She would become the perfect pet and follow every command. I could only surmise that her former owner smoked and drank.

It became a long-standing joke in the family that the dog needed liquor and cigarettes in order to stand living with me. But who would provide the contraband? I don't smoke and rarely drink. Who would bring these to Zoe?


Zoe would chase a little black squirrel throughout the yard and never catch it. And Zoe was lightening fast. She could catch rabbits, voles and flys. A squirrel would be no match for the dog's speedy gait and powerful grip. Puppy must be choosing not to kill squirrel. Why?

The reason was clear - liquor and cigarettes. Squirrel was Zoe's source, her provider of nicotine and beer. This would account for the dog staring at the tree or telephone pole for hours waiting for squirrel. When squirrel failed to get the goods to the dog in a timely manner, Zoe would put the fear of God in squirrel, chasing her within inches of certain death. But puppy refrained from the final pounce. She needed squirrel and squirrel needed her. It was a mutually beneficial relationship.

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