Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Giver

My beloved puppy of 17 years was taken from this earth last week. She led a long life. A good life and was treated with respect and love.

Zoe was a Basenji mix. That's 36 pounds of muscle combined with intelligence and charisma. She could charm the socks off of anyone. And she could ignore anyone.

I miss my little pookie bear so much. I expect to hear the tags on her collar jiggle as she walked down the hall. Or alert me to a potential squirrel onslaught with a series of barks. But the house is quiet. There are no little feet pattering across the kitchen floor. The birds and rabbits seem to be in mourning for the loss of their adversary and are convening in other yards for the moment. The world is still.

Zoe was such a unique canine. I feel the need to share her idiosyncrasies with the world. Partly to honor her memory and partly to console my grief.

For the next few weeks,this blog is dedicated to my warrior - Zoe, the wonder dog. The toaster. The champion ball catcher and giver. She gave me much love and taught me more than any book. I sometimes felt as if she was the owner and I was the pet.

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